May 272010

Food Industry Makes Strides in Ousting Trans Fats

In its move to oust trans fat from food products, the food industry is substituting the bad with better-for-you fats, a new report published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests. That’s good news, since some experts had worried the industry would just replace one unhealthy substance with another: saturated fat?

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Researchers analyzed 83 reformulated products from grocery stores and restaurants and found that most had no more saturated fat than before—save for some baked goods they examined, HealthDay reports.

In April, U.S. News contributor Katherine Hobson wrote about the latest research on what types of fats are fine to eat. All fats are not alike in their effects on blood cholesterol levels, which can affect heart disease risk. Saturated fat, for example, generally increases levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, Hobson wrote. Trading saturated fats for polyunsaturated fats—the omega-3 fatty acids found in certain fish and the omega-6 fatty acids in vegetable oils such as safflower and soybean oils.

Almost all oils go rancid when heated. This should not go overlooked!

Completely unnatural man-made fats created through the partial hydrogenation process cause dysfunction and chaos in your body on a cellular level, and studies have linked trans-fats to health problems ranging from obesity and diabetes to reproductive problems and heart disease.

  • Besides the health hazards related to the trans fats created by the partial hydrogenation process, soybean oil is, in and of itself, NOT a healthy oil.
  • Add to that the fact that the majority of soybeans grown in the US is genetically engineered, and as a result saturated with dangerous levels of the herbicide glyphosate which may have additional health consequences as there are no long term safety studies.
  • When taken together, partially hydrogenated GE soybean oil becomes one of the absolute worst types of oils you can consume.
  • Studies suggest Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil to be a safe and healthy alternative. 1 tbl sp. gives you 12 grams of Saturated fat. The difference is that coconut oil is a medium chain triglyseride. Read the post on coconut oil.