Jun 192010

                                                                                               Breath is life                                                        


Choose Your Air Quality


You’re doing well in changing the attention on eating healthy, choosing better water, walking, exercising and resting more. Give yourself the same amount of attention to the Air your breathing inside your home.

Nature cleanses the air with lightning and rain. Lightning bolts produce ozone and positive and negative ions that clean the air naturally. Rain helps bring ozone and ions closer to the earth’s surface. They are then attracted to atmospheric contaminants that are either removed from the air and attached to grounded objects or are oxidized.

Electronic air purification systems reproduce the natural conditions found outdoors. It is not designed to create an artificial environment. The reestablishment of a natural environment takes place out in the air of the room instead of inside the unit. It purifies the air rather than filtering it, attempting to dilute it, or masking the symptoms.

Air purification systems like this using ozone and ion generation eliminate odors, smoke, complex indoor air contaminants, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and other particulates.

Where food is stored, with this system running, it makes the freshness last double or triple the time. The units come with a Heppa filter as optional.

When your replacing your air filters in your home you now have another choice to exercise your Will Power.  

TipWhen using incense:

Try burning for only 30 to 60 seconds and extinguish. This way you get the aroma without stealing your air.