Apr 222014

A Fantastic breakdown of Food Facts from A to Z.  Dr. Joseph Mercola has created a Health website very useful for alternative information.

Click on this site and the page will open for you to research most foods from A to Z. Nutritional awareness  made easy.


The 7 Most Alkaline FoodsAlkaline Foods


Keep in mind, the more Alkaline (and the less Acidic) the food source, the better for your
overall health and well-being. According to health experts, 75% of your foods should come from
Alkaline sources and 25% can come from Acidic sources. Tip: Try pairing foods for easier digestion
and to promote a healthier balance. For example, consume beans (acid) with broccoli (alkaline).

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7.0 indicates a neutral pH. Above 7.0 is alkaline. Below 7.0 is acid.

For optimum health, the body should remain in a neutral to alkaline pH state.
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