May 302017

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While more people are embracing a healthy lifestyle, there are still plenty of people who feel confused or get mixed messages on what constitutes healthy living and healthy eating. Not to mention that eating healthy doesn’t seem like it’s easy on the pocketbook. At Public Health Library, we want to pull back the curtain and show that healthy living is accessible to everyone.


We can’t express enough the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and nutrition is such an important part of health — it keeps our bodies running smoothly, improves our mood, and can even help cut down on medical bills and insurance rates.


Because we want everyone to have access to the best information on healthy living, I have put together a collection of valuable resources. I hope you find them useful and you will consider sharing them.


Healthy eating pyramid


How Nutrition in Addiction Treatment Speeds Recovery


Healthy Eating: Simple Ways to Plan, Enjoy and Stick to a Healthy Diet


Diet May Be as Important to Mental Health as It is to Physical Health


How to Optimize Your Home for Healthy, Stress-free Living


Eating Real Food on a Budget


The Ultimate Guide to Turning Your Home’s Yard into a Community Garden


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