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Lately, physicians have noted the fact that many people are increasingly allergic to their local water.  Most patients never realize that it is the water that is causing their mild bouts of depression, slight or major headaches, diarrhea, or even arthritis.  Various allergists report WATER that as many as 50% of their patients are sensitive to local water, and for half your body weight in oz. daily prescribe one of the eighteen or so international and local pure mountain or spring waters. Crystal Geyser and Fuji are top commercial brands.

Some naturopaths prescribe demineralized, distilled water, which can be obtained by the gallon from drugstores.  Because of the absence of minerals, such water is said to act as a cleansing magnet by attracting unnecessary minerals in the blood stream.  Distilled water is alleged to be helpful in arthritis, kidney stones as well as some other health problems.  However, the absent minerals must be replaced through food intake or through the use of multivitamins and minerals. I add a few course sprinkles of pink salt to steam distilled water that has 84 bio-available minerals contained in it.

Photonic Water:  Bio Photon Energized water made Coherent. Contact us about Photonic water systems.

 Alkalized Water:  Prefered PH of Drinking Water. Watch simple way to Alkalize Water using Lemon and Himalayan Pink Salt.


Steam Distilled:  Pure Water made from steam distillation process.

So what is the distillation process?

Distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle of evaporation, condensation and precipitation.
transparent hydrologic cycl Pure Water Distillers offer families the ultimate protection from toxins. photoThe hydro-logic cycle is where virtually all fresh water on the planet comes from. The process is simply this; the Sun provides heat to the very contaminated water in the ocean, which causes the liquid water to turn into vapor. As soon as the water turns from liquid to vapor it lets go of the contaminants that it was holding onto. The water vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds then cool down and the water precipitates and the rain falls. This water started out extremely contaminated and finishes as very pure water.
The process of distillation duplicates this process by taking tap water and adding heat to it. The liquid water changes into water vapor and leaves any junk behind in the boiling chamber. The pure water vapor then rises and is moved into a separate chamber and then it’s cooled back down into liquid water. Steam distilled water acts like a sponge on excess metals and toxins for elimination and detoxifying purposes. Makes crystal clear ice cubes. The best tasting water for those who do not want to taste anything. 

Distillation, when combined with carbon filtration, will kill and remove virtually 100% of bacteria, viruses, cysts, and will remove heavy metals, inorganics; including minerals, radionuclides, particulates, and organics; including VOC’s.

Over 95% of our minerals come from our food and less than 5% from drinking water. You would practically have to drown yourself by drinking it to get the RDA of any beneficial minerals.

Pure water refers to water that is H²0, and that’s it! It’s not H²0 with Calcium, Iron, Flouride, etc …Distilled water comes the closest to this definition.

Distilled water will not leach minerals from your body. There has never been any documented evidence to prove this claim true. It is perfectly safe to drink.

Long term drinking of distilled water is not deleterious to your teeth.

Distilled water does not taste ‘bland’ or ‘flat’. Would hundreds of thousands of people worldwide be drinking it everyday if it didn’t taste good?

 Distillers do not use up much electricity and will make one (1) gallon/3.79 liters for roughly 30¢. Compared to bottled distilled water at around $1.00 or more per gallon, the savings are tremendous year after year.

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Benefits of Hydrogen Rich Water 500ml-Portable-Hydrogen-Rich-Water-Maker-Ionizer-Generator-Water-Bottle-XL5P$45

What can one expect from adding Hydrogen-Rich Water to his or her diet?

Hydrogen Enriched Water has been shown to help people in many ways:

  • helps hydrate joints and muscles; our body is 70% water
  • keeps hydrate our brains so the mind is functions better and is more alert; the brain is over 70% water needing hydration to function
  • helps the body better absorb nutrients
  • helps in circulation and digestion
  • helps regulate body temperature
  • helps women have easier pregnancies and healthier babies
  • helps detoxify cells
  • helps relieve tension which may lead to benefits with blood pressure, decreased headaches, common, arthritic type symptoms, back discomfort and other chronic discomfort symptoms
  • helps to decrease the risk of colon cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer

How is all this possible?

How can hydrogen rich water from the hydrogen water stick do all this?

First, when hydrogen atoms are available, bodily tissues use them to hydrate the tissues. Indeed, the word hydrate comes from hydrogen. Also, the cells of  body need hydrogen atoms to help control oxidation by reducing or quenching oxidants (free radicals) in the cells. Finally, hydrogen atoms are used in the mitochondria to create additional energy.

In bullet form, there are really three direct mechanisms involved that allow for above benefits:

  • Anti-oxidationHydrogen atoms function as antioxidants, helping to reduce damage from free radicals virtually everywhere in the body, thus helping reduce the inflammatory, aging and chronic disease processes.
  • Fuels the ATP engine of the mitochondria Hydrogen, literally, fuels the ATP engine that powers  every cell in the body. More fuel means more work can be done, less food needs to be eaten, and less food further reduces the oxidative load the body has to deal with.
  • Smaller Water Cluster Size – Free hydrogen changes the electrical  charge in the water which causes water molecules to form smaller groups and allows for easier hydration and transport of vitamins and minerals.
  • Improvement of general malaise, chronic constipation & diarrhea as well as persistent diarrhea after gastric resection
  • Improvement of dehydration in infants with vomiting and diarrhea caused by viral infection
  • Improvement of hyperbilirubinemia in newborns
  • Improvement of blood sugar and HbA1c levels in diabetes
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation in diabetic gangrene
  • Improvement of liver function in hepatic diseases, cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis
  • Improvement of uric acid levels in gout
  • Improvement of cholesterol levels
  • Improvement of gastroduodenal ulcers and prevention of recurrences
  • Improvement of hypertensive or hypotensive disorders
  • Improvement of hypersensitive disorders; urticaria (hives), atopic dermatitis, asthma, etc.
  • Improvement of autoimmune disorders; rheumatism, collagen disease, SLE, etc.
  • Improvement of dismenorrhea, menopause symptoms
  • Improvement of malignant tumors; hepatoma, cancers, etc.
  • Improvement of specific diseases; Behcet Syndrome, Crohn Disease, Kawasaki’s Disease, ulcerative colitis
  • Experiences of pregnant women who took hydrogen-rich water during  their pregnancy; almost no emesis, smooth delivery, slight jaundice,  enough lactation, smooth and satisfactory growth of newborns

Reverse Osmosis:  Other purifying processes use ultraviolet filter, or reverse osmosis.

Pure Water (Neutral pH):  It is true that pure water is recommended for babies. Its neutral pH has the effect of attracting extra metals into from the body and flushing from the body.

Forms Of Water:  Because water is such a common substance, we tend to take it for granted, never realizing the great variety of its physical and chemical forms that are as easily available to us as the flick of a faucet, making ice cubes, or boiling water in a pot.

Each of these distinctive forms of water–ice, water and steam—must be used differently, for each has its own specific function in healing and maintaining good health.  Indeed, water’s therapeutic action is so complex and varied.

Cold Water

Cold water acts in several different ways.  For example, a short cold-water application acts as a tonic, while extended cold-water application acts as a depressant.

Basically, however, cold water is restorative, re-energizing and helps build resistance to disease.  Cold water can help reduce even the highest fever, relieve thirst, act as a stimulant, diuretic, and anesthetic, relieve pain, reduce constipation, and aid the elimination of toxins from the body.

Cold water is the surprising and needed ingredient in a series of excellent heating compresses.  Unlike hot compresses, which get colder, cold compresses, when trapped by another layer of flannel or wool (or even plastic for that matter), become hot from heat marshaled from within the body.

Ice And Ice Water

Ice or ice water is very helpful in reducing the pain of minor burns.  Ice massage, or wrapped ice, is the preferred treatment for injuries, as the cold helps to control the bleeding and reduce subsequent swelling.  This is the best of all treatments of all sorts of bodily injuries.  Ice is an excellent anesthetic.

Warm (Neutral) Water:

Warm water is sedating, relaxes the body, and when necessary it is an effect emetic.  Proper magnesium absorption through osmosis from bath salts is at this temperature.  A good test is to never have sweat beads start on your forehead while in the bath. Trans-dermal effect happens (absorption into the body from skin).

Hot Water:

Hot water (as well as cold) can be used internally and externally.  In an injury, heat increases blood flow, and will act to increase any inflammation; as a result, hot water must be avoided in treating injuries.  However, heat can sedate, quiet and sooth the body under many other conditions.  A short hot water application depresses and depletes body and muscle tone, making the body feel more relaxed.  While a long hot water application both excites and depresses the body, the total effect is one of complete relaxation.  Some of the most therapeutic uses of hot water are the hot baths to induce perspiration, hot compresses and foot and arm baths to reduce inflammation and pain, and contrasting hot and cold baths to quick circulation and body reaction.

Arizona’s Castle Hot Spring meets all expectations of the best that Water Therapy can offer for body rejuvenation!

111 degree Shower

Pure Clear 111 degree Castle Hot Spring


Steam is available by boiling water, using a vaporizer or humidifier, or utilizing either home or professional steam rooms or sauna, installations.  Steam increases skin action and creates perspiration, which in turn cleanses the body from within.  Steam facials open the pores and keep them clean, and help prevent skin problems and acne.  Hot steam from vaporizers eases chest congestion.  Cool moist air from home humidifiers adds moist air to dry rooms, thus preventing nasal and sinus conditions, and eases a great many airborne allergic problems.


Without water to “wake up and turn on” the body each day, you may be running on empty, especially if you skip breakfast altogether.

Have a glass of cool water right after you wake up in the morning to tell your body it’s time to get started. Like a gently flowing stream that pushes along debris and rocks, your circulatory system needs fluid to get rid of stubborn free radicals and residue from burned calories that were used during the night’s metabolism.

Refresh your system with a drink of water. Add Organic Unrefined Apple Cider Vinegar for better health benefits.

Knowing the correct water treatment, and knowing how to use it, can save you needless pain and expense, and help you take more active control of your health. You have more tools here to develop your Will Power.  Think before you Drink!

Have you ever wondered why your plants look so healthy after it rains?

Featured Image

Leafy plants use oxygen to absorb vital nutrients from the soil around their roots. Raindrops gather oxygen as they fall through the air, and the highly oxygenated water helps the plants extract nutrients more efficiently. That’s why plants look so healthy and robust after a good rain. Pure Rain™ products add millions of microscopic nanobubbles — each just a fraction of the width of a human hair — to ordinary tap water. The extra oxygen delivered by the nano-bubbles helps your plants absorb nutrients faster than ever, making them healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant. By simply attaching them to your garden hose and watering regularly, Pure Rain™ products can increase leafy plant growth by up to 30%. They can even decrease your water usage because of the high levels of oxygen added.Think about how your plants would feel if they had regular, invigorating showers that gave the same benefits as all-natural rain water. They’d love you for it.

Best of all, Pure Rain™ does all this without any chemicals — just the way nature intended.

Proven technology

Oxygen nanobubbles have a long and successful track record in industrial and agricultural uses, and Pure Rain™ is finally making that technology convenient and affordable for everyday gardeners, all without the use of harmful chemicals.

Make nano bubbles by aerating hose water. Press thumb on hose to finely spray the water or hand gun for fine mist.

Send oxygen right to the roots

Pure Rain™ is an innovative and environmentally safe solution that brings your oxygen-deprived plants and flowers to life using oxygen nanobubbles to make your plants, flowers, and gardens grow fuller and faster.

Stronger, healthier plants

The oxygen nanobubbles Pure Rain™ adds to ordinary hose water enable plants to absorb more nutrients from the soil around their roots, helping them resist disease and grow faster than ever.

Chemical-free growth

There are many chemical products that stimulate growth in your plants, but you might not be aware of their other long-term effects. Wouldn’t you rather see remarkable growth from everyday water?

Better results using less water

Millions of microscopic oxygen nanobubbles are added to the molecules in ordinary hose water, potentially reducing overall water usage by up to 30%.

The real value of rainwater

Using a rain barrel? While they offer some benefits, they also lose possibly the most valuable attribute of natural rain: the oxygen collected as it falls. Your plants deserve all the oxygen they can get.

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