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by Thomas M. Sipos, L.A. Bureau Chief.  [January 14, 2003]Stanislaw Burzynski


[]  A new medical magic bullet — Antineoplaston therapy— is curing cancers at an astonishing success rate — but amazingly, the FDA wants to suppress it!

That’s the incredible charge of investigative journalist Thomas D. Elias, author of The Burzynski Breakthrough: The Most Promising Cancer Treatment … and the Government’s Campaign to Squelch It, as explained to the Weekly Universe in an exclusive interview.

* Burzynski’s Antineoplaston Miracle

The key to this new miracle cancer cure are antineoplastons (Greek for “anti-cancer”) which are peptide fragments formed by amino acids.  Their major active ingredients include phenylacetate, sodium phenylbutyrate, and sodium phenylisobutyrate.

Explains Elias: “Antineoplastons are found in profusion in the blood and urine of healthy individuals — but are virtually absent in cancer victims.  The compounds were first noted in the early 1960s by researchers at Rockefeller University, but no one linked them to cancer until Stanislaw Burzynski in 1968 noted their absence in cancer victims.”

At the time of his amazing discovery, Burzynski was a medical student in Poland.  He came to America to escape Communist persecution — just before the Polish army was to send him to serve as a medical officer for the Viet Cong!

Coming to America in 1970, Burzynski became a researcher at Baylor University College of Medicine in Houston, where he continued his study of peptides with transplant surgeon Michael DeBakey.  He left Baylor in 1976, with the rank of associate professor.

To date, Burzynski has identified 117 antineoplaston compounds, but his antineoplaston drug uses only the two “broadest-acting” compounds.  But Elias adds that Burzynski “theorizes that if he had time and money to test the others, he would find one specific to every type of human cancer!”

In The Burzynski Breakthrough, Elias charts the clinical trial results of Burzynski’s antineoplaston treatment against dozens of types of cancer.  “All these figures derive from progress reports sent to the FDA, which are required of anyone who conducts clinical trials,” says Elias.  “But there is no other cancer treatment for which the manufacturer has ever made precise performance figures available.

“Overall, Burzynski’s drug draws significant responses in about 65% of all cancers on which it has been used.  This includes complete remissions, partial remissions (i.e., more than 50% reduction of tumor within six months of start of treatment), and stable disease (less than 50% tumor reduction, but no progression — which can be a very significant result if you have a fast-growing brain tumor that’s not responding to anything else).

“Burzynski’s drug works via a chemical reaction that reactivates tumor suppresser genes — specifically the p53 tumor suppresser gene — which have been quieted, usually because they’ve been coated with methyl groups.  About 60-65% of all cancers are associated with malfunction of the p53 gene, so Burzynski’s numbers are apparently is no accident.”

* Antineoplastons Tops Chemo & Radiation

Antineoplaston’s astonishing success rate vs. standard treatments are starkest with brain tumors.  Burzynski has about a 65% response rate for all types of brain cancers, whereas chemo and radiation achieve five-year cures in less than 1% of all cases.  Chemotherapeutic agents rarely reach the brain (because of the “blood-brain barrier”) whereas antineoplastons do!

Antineoplastons have also proven dramatically effective against such cancers as lymphomas (Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins), renal cell (kidney), hepatic (liver), and breast.

“Another major difference between antineoplastons and chemo is that antineoplastons are non-toxic,” adds Elias, “so patients do not lose hair or become nauseous.  Antineoplaston’s relatively mild side effects include frequent urination and a fever in the early stages of tumor breakdown.”

* Is He A Quack? 

“Burzynski is frequently accused of being a quack,” says Elias, “but no quack would publish negative results — which Burzynski provided to me right along with the good ones.

“As the discoverer of antineoplastons, Burzynski holds the patents for them, and is conducting clinical trials at the moment against 72 types of cancer.  My book reports both good and bad response rates for various cancer types.

“A quack also would not send away patients, telling them he can’t help or that some other treatment would be better for them, as Burzynski does with some patients.  For instance, for childhood leukemia, he will tell you the standard treatments work pretty well.”

* Growing Worldwide Acceptance

Research centers around the world are now studying antineoplastons — including a few doctors in Germany, Sweden, Holland, Australia, and Switzerland.

“At the University of Kurume Medical School in Japan,” says Elias, “Dr. Hideaki Tsuda heads a team that has had notable success against liver and kidney cancer — including curing the University chancellor of a liver cancer for which he had been given a terminal diagnosis!

“But in the USA, Burzynski is the only doctor who acknowledges using them.

“A second clinical trial site at Beth Israel Hospital in New York was to begin accepting patients about six months ago, but Dr. Fred Epstein (an Albert Einstein Medical School professor and pediatric neuro-oncologist) who wanted to head that study, was injured in a bicycle accident, and is not yet fully recovered.  So that clinical trial is in abeyance, even though the Institutional Review Board at Beth Israel has okayed it.”

* Endorsed by Julian Whitaker 

One of the many supporters of Burzynski is alternative health expert, Dr. Julian Whitaker.

“Whitaker has written about Burzynski and antineoplastons on several occasions in his newsletter,” says Elias.  “He appeared on two television programs with me and Burzynski, and gave the keynote address in March 2001 — when 500 cured Burzynski patients gave a testimonial dinner for him in Houston!

“Whitaker has also written about the FDA’s persecution of Burzynski — which goes well beyond mere harassment.

* FDA Suppression

Despite the amazing success of antineoplastons, the Food and Drug Administration is trying to suppress them!

“Yes, the FDA is trying to suppress antineoplastons,” confirms Elias.  “There also has been an effort to steal them, with the FDA cooperating with Elan Pharmaceutical Corp. in that effort.

“Elan now is in deep financial trouble, so I don’t believe they are much involved any more.  But I have copies of signed internal National Cancer Institute documents in which NCI official Michael Friedman stated as early as 1992 that ‘the human brain tumor responses are real’ but that it would be easier for the FDA to develop the drug through a large pharmaceutical company.”

The Weekly Universe has also learned that the NCI now acknowledges Burzynski’s research on its website.  However, the NCI claims that at this point [May 20, 2002], “no definitive conclusions can be drawn about the effectiveness of treatment with antineoplastons.”

Elias reports that Friedman went on to become deputy commissioner for operations at the FDA, then acting commissioner during the last two years of Clinton’s term.  He is now senior VP at Abbott Laboratories (a division of Monsanto Corp.).

“The FDA is on record as saying it has never, and never will, license a drug to a private entrepreneur,” says Elias.  “Instead, in 1997, the FDA put Burzynski on criminal trial, charging him with 75 counts of interstate trafficking of an unapproved drug, and with insurance fraud.  Burzynski was acquitted on all counts.  Since then, the FDA has merely harassed him and his patients.

But while one arm of the government is trying to stop Burzynski from saving dying patients, another branch is trying to steal Burzynski’s work!

“NCI patent applications for drugs that precisely duplicate Burzynski’s drugs establish that the government knows this drug works!” charges Elias.  “It is clear from an NCI response to my FOIA request that the FDA prosecuted Burzynski in hopes of putting him away somewhere where he could not protect his patents!”

* The Chilling Timeline

Elias offers the following timeline to prove his chilling charges:

    * 1989 — Burzynski cures Elan founder Donald Panoz’s sister-in-law of a brain tumor.

    * 1990 — Elan signs a letter of intent with Burzynski to hold clinical trials for antineoplastons, and bring them to market, paying Burzynski a substantial royalty.

    * 1990 — During the 90-day period in which either party can cancel the contract, Elan sends scientists to Burzynski’s clinic & manufacturing plant (since 1980, all antineoplastons are produced synthetically) and learns he has not patented simple phenylacetate as a cancer therapy. Burzynski says he did not do so because plain PA is about one-tenth as effective as his more complex compounds.  Elan cancels the contract.

    * 1991 — Elan begins funding a 10-center clinical trial of plain phenylacetate against brain tumors.  Elan also begins funding Dr. Dvorit Samid’s laboratory at the Uniformed Services Medical School in Bethesda, and continues funding Samid when she moves on to the NCI and later to the University of Virginia Medical School.  Samid began researching antineoplastons in 1988 using materials supplied by Burzynski.  There is correspondence to prove this.

    * 1993 — Samid signs the NCI patent applications.

    * Spring 1995 — NIH (National Institute of Health) receives patents virtually identical to Burzynski’s.

    * May 1995 — Elan receives a license from NIH to develop the government’s patents.  How much Elan pays for this license is redacted from the contract copy sent to me in response to my FOIA request.

    * June 1995 — FDA agents, reinforced by gun-toting DEA and ATF agents, raid Burzynski’s clinic, rousting patients from waiting room at gun-point, some in wheelchairs.

    * Sept. 1995 — Burzynski is indicted.  He becomes the first scientist ever indicted for the use of a drug on which the FDA has granted him permits to conduct clinical trials.

    * May 1997 — Burzynski is acquitted in federal district court in Houston.
“The timeline pretty much establishes that while the FDA was trying to squelch this drug prior to 1991, it was in cahoots with Elan afterward to steal it,” adds Elias.  “The movement of individuals from the NCI to FDA, and then to industry (one key person became an Elan VP) facilitated all this.

“However, the FDA’s legal effort against Burzynski began in 1983,” says Elias, giving details in his Burzynski Breakthrough.


* Politicos, Good and Bad
In any story of big corporate lies and ruthless government coverup, there are heroes and villains.  The Weekly Universe asked Elias to name the good and the bad among “the people’s” representatives.  Those who are helping to bring Burzynski’s life-saving therapy to dying patients — and those opposed!

Says Elias: “The main hinderer among politicians is Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA), my very own congressman!  Were he still chairman of the House Commerce subcommittee overseeing the FDA, Burzynski would probably be out of business.  This is because of Waxman’s close alliance with the FDA, spurred by his fierce anti-tobacco stance.

“Among those who stick up for antineoplastons is Representative Dan Burton (R-IN), who held several hearings on the topic while chairman of the House Government Operations committee.  Others who have been supportive are Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA).

* Tantamount to Murder

Concludes Elias: “I believe the FDA’s actions in keeping this treatment off the general market and out of general use are tantamount to murder of many thousands of patients who could still be alive if antineoplastons had been available to them.

“This is the best and most important story I have ever covered.  What I’ve told you here is just a fraction of the story.  That’s why I had to write it in book-length.”

The Burzynski Breakthrough has been optioned for a TV movie.

Thomas D. Elias may be contacted at:

Stanislaw Burzynski may be contacted through his Burzynski Patient’s Group.

* Who is Thomas D. Elias?Thomas D. Elias writes a syndicated political column appearing twice weekly in 70 newspapers around California, with circulation over 1.89 million.  He has won awards from the National Headliners Club, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Greater Los Angeles Press Club, and the California Taxpayers Association.  He has been nominated three times for the Pulitzer Prize in distinguished commentary.His books include The Burzynski Breakthrough and The Simpson Trial in Black and White (co-authored with Dennis Schatzman).  He serves on the national advisory boards of the Polycystic Kidney Research Foundation and the Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University.  He has been honored for his volunteer work by the Los Angeles Human Relations Commission, the National Kidney Foundation and the Anti-Defamation League.  He is working on a third book, about his experiences with kidney failure and later as a kidney transplant recipient.He was West Coast correspondent for the Scripps Howard Newspapers for 15 years before he began writing books.  He is a regular contributor to Long Island Newsday and the national Cox News Service.  He has appeared on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, the CBS Evening News, Larry King Live, Rivera Live and C-Span’s Book TV.He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Stanford University, has taught journalism at the University of Southern California, California State University at Northridge, and two other Cal State campuses.

UPDATE: The Texas Medical Board’s case against him was dismissed on November 19, 2012

After a 15-year long battle, the Texas Medical Board has officially ended its crusade to revoke Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s medical license in an effort to end the use of his pioneering personalized gene-targeted therapy for cancer

  • Evidence has shown in the past that the FDA has pressured the Texas Medical Board to revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license—despite the fact that no laws were broken, and his treatment was proven safe and effective.
  • The Texas Medical Board (TMB) has a long history of harassing doctors. The entire Board was sued by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) in 2007, citing an “institutional culture of retaliation and intimidation.” Legislation was also drafted in 2009 in an effort to clamp down on the abuses by the TMB, but the bill failed to be passed into law.
  • Dr. Burzynski’s treatment also includes antineoplastons, which are peptides and derivatives of amino acids that act as molecular and genetic switches. They turn off oncogenes that cause cancer, and activate tumor suppressor genes.
  • Once they’ve determined which genes are involved in the cancer, after extensive third-party genomic testing on both the cancer tissue obtained during biopsy as well as the patient’s blood, a custom formulation of FDA-approved gene-targeted drugs are then meticulously chosen to target that patients genes specially related to their cancer. Antineoplastons by themselves work on nearly 100 cancer-causing genes, while traditional gene targeted oncology agents like Avastin, are only proven to target a single gene. Typically, patients who participate in Burzynski’s personalized gene-targeted regimen also receive Phenylbutyrate, a metabolite of Burzynski’s original Antineoplaston invention.


Radiation or Chemotherapy Only         Antineoplastons Only
5 of 54 patients (9 percent)       5 of 20 (25 percent)
were cancer free at the end of treatment      were cancer free at the end of treatment
Toxic side effects       No toxic side effects

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Introducing Miracle Mineral Solution Two

by Jim Humble, August 15, 2009 



A new Miracle Mineral is being introduced here. It should have all the fanfare of one of the most important medicines that has ever been introduced to mankind. Unfortunately we inventors, as opposed to multibillion dollar research organizations, never have the money for fanfare. We’re lucky to scrape together 50 cents to buy an envelope to mail the concept back to ourselves for a cheap inventor’s patent protection. So here it is – the announcement of a new miracle mineral – but without much fanfare.

Hypochlorous acid is an acid that the human immune system uses to kill pathogens of all kinds throughout the body, and many other things that sometimes need to be destroyed. For example when killer cells get old and worn out they turn against the body; the immune system recognizes the problem and proceeds to destroy the worn-out cells with hypochlorous acid.

This acid is probably the most important acid the body makes to maintain health. I think that qualifies it to be considered natural. It is a naturally produced acid because the body’s immune system makes it. It’s not manufactured in a chemical plant somewhere. The fact is, hypochlorous acid will kill most pathogens in the body – even the powerful malaria parasite if enough of the acid is present.

However, for whatever reason, Mother Nature did not provide the human body with the means to generate enough hypochlorous acid to kill all the diseases that might enter the body. Maybe making the acid is just too complex to generate large quantities of it that are now required to destroy the powerful “incurable” diseases that have come to be on this planet. In a more perfect world not much of the acid would be needed.

Suppose you were a medical researcher 80 years ago and you were interested in overcoming diseases in the human body, and you were aware of this data – that hypochlorous acid kills disease pathogens. Well, the fact is, this data was known 80 years ago. Don’t you think you would have spent a little bit of time on the idea of how to supply the body with a little more hypochlorous acid? The body has been using hypochlorous acid to kill disease germs for a million years.

Isn’t that a logical idea – that a medical researcher attempting to find cures for diseases, would at least try giving the body a little bit more hypochlorous acid when germs or disease threaten? Well I think it’s logical and if medical researchers were attempting to find “cures” for people instead of making costly drugs that keep people back, they would have found this hypochlorous acid miracle cure and many other such cures – long ago.

So any way, the goal here is to describe Miracle Mineral Number Two. It is so far beyond any known medical drug that there is simply no comparison. You can’t compare it with medical drugs as they are not intended to overcome or cure diseases. This MMS2 kills pathogens and actually aids healing. So what is it? As far as an antibiotic is concerned, it kills pathogens instantly by blowing a hole in the skin. It’s not like medical antibiotics which can take from hours to weeks to penetrate the skin of a pathogen, slowly destroying the nucleus or something in the nucleus – if the pathogen hasn’t developed resistance. But with MMS2, pathogens that cause diseases of all kinds cannot develop a resistance to hypochlorous acid. The body chose well when it developed the ability to generate hypochlorous acid. Down through the centuries no pathogen has ever developed a resistance to it.

And maybe, just maybe Mother Nature chose well when she made the various deadly diseases, because even though some of them are anaerobic and some are aerobic, none of them are resistant to MMS1 or MMS2 or the combination of 1 and 2. Isn’t that kind of strange? Of course we don’t have the money for research in this area, but many thousands of people have called me or emailed me representing hundreds of different diseases that have been handled with both of these Miracle Minerals.

So what is it that turns into hypochlorous acid that your body can use? Well, there happens to be a very cheap simple chemical that actually turns into this acid. Your body then can take that acid and use it throughout the body. I’ve been using it for 4 years personally. My clinic and group of people in Mexico have been using it for more than a year with many people. I was at first sending it out to people mostly with prostate cancer, but we then started using it on many things including HIV.

What we found out recently is that MMS (now called MMS1) when given to HIV people generally cures all of their health problems associated with the HIV, but it does not cure the HIV in some cases. It is more valuable than the HIV drugs for treating HIV, but it doesn’t kill the HIV virus always, just sometimes.

So enter MMS2. When taken with MMS1, the two together have produced negative blood test readings (basically that means cured) in quite a few HIV cases so far. In fact, all of the cases receiving both MMS1 and 2 have checked negative (free from HIV). We don’t have thousands of cases so far and we will produce the necessary case studies when the Foundation and Institute for Advanced MMS Studies is funded. But just to give you an idea, continuously for three weeks, the protocol for HIV has been: three activated drops of MMS1 each hour for at least 8 hours during the day, plus one size zero capsule of MMS2 taken every two hours for eight hours per day – all done , then we submit blood to the testing lab. Oh yes, at first drink 2 glasses of water with the MMS2 capsule and then always one full glass of water thereafter with each capsule.

Never make yourself sick, always reduce your intake of both MMS1 and 2 if you notice it is making you more sick than you already are. We have also had some fantastic results with cancers using MMS2. Also for the new flu now going around, use this same protocol for this flu, but not for three weeks, do it until well. Some people will be well in 8 hours and some will take a week or two. Be especially careful to reduce all the way to zero if it seems that the MMS is making you feel worse. But start again very soon.

If you feel worse, that’s caused by killing the disease so rapidly that it generates too much poison too fast. Go slower. If you don’t have MMS1 still use MMS2. I have seen enough people cured of enough diseases to believe that if you only have MMS2 it will do the job. Use it in a capsule once an hour. Increase the amount if you can, decrease if you feel worse. You can use it with any medication. The medication does not hurt MMS2 and MMS2 doesn’t harm the medication.

Do you see? We should now have such a fantastic medical system that there would at this time be no such thing as disease and very little bad health if our medical system had been controlled by ethical people trying to cure diseases rather than make money.

MMS1 and MMS2 is just a drop in the bucket. Although I believe that MMS1 coupled with MMS2 will cure most of the diseases of mankind, I believe that hundreds of miracle minerals will come that will change the understanding of medicine. In the future no drug will ever be made from poisonous substances that all medical drugs are made from now. MMS1 and MMS2 are not poisonous to the body and they do no damage in the body.

OK, so what is MMS2? What chemical turns to hypochlorous acid in the body? Hold on to your hat. It’s a special type of swimming —– pool —– chlorine. Well, that’s what everybody calls it – swimming pool chlorine. BUT it is really not chlorine. It’s a special agent that is used to “shock” the pool, called CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE. 


That’s right, when it is put into pool water it instantly changes into hypochlorous acid. It’s not the same as chlorine in water. Not at all. Other chemicals change into chlorine, but not calcium hypochlorite. It changes into HOCl (that’s the chemical formula for hypochlorous acid). It is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen, and chlorine. Like table salt it also has chlorine in it, but it reacts far differently than chlorine. MMS1 and MMS2 are made from two of the cheapest mineral substances that we have. MMS1 will cure malaria, the worst disease of mankind, in about 10 hours and for less than 5 cents. MMS2 is similar in cost if not cheaper.

My friend Bill Boynton, who helped me with the chemistry of MMS1 also suggested pool chlorine to me back in 2003. I wondered why the pool chlorine might be beneficial. He and I were using it before we knew what it was. So a bit of simple research turned up the fact that it was hypochlorous acid. Doctors in medical school learn all about hypochlorous acid in their schooling because it is a critical component produced and used by the immune system.

So you see it wasn’t because I was all that smart; it was just that I was looking for opportunities without worrying if I was fitting into a medical groove or not.

Now, let’s look at how we used it. Keep in mind that anything I say here I do not suggest that you go and do. Anything that you do is strictly on your own. I cannot suggest medical things to you. This is simply what we did. Also the “we” that I talk about here is not the same as my friend Bill that I mention above. I do not mention names here to protect the innocent and to keep my friends out of harm’s way. Later when I write my book for posterity I will name all those who helped me and worked with me, however for now, I feel it is best that I don’t.

First, a friend in Canada mentioned in an email that he had a friend who had prostate cancer. I said why not try hypochlorite. He said he would ask his friend and to make a long story short I sent him an envelope of 50 size zero gel capsules stuffed with calcium hypochlorite from a local pool store. (The supply in pool stores is anywhere from 45% calcium hypochlorite to 85%. Most is around 75%. I have used it all from 45% to 55% to 65% to 75% to 80%.

There are always other chemicals in the mixture. The other chemicals are all designed for use in pools so they are not poisonous and most of them are used in foods or processing foods. You only take a tiny bit of the white powder in a size zero capsule and thus you never get more than the recommended daily dose of any of these chemicals. Anyway he took the 50 capsules at about 4 a day and called me up and said that he felt much better but did I have some more as he still wasn’t well. So I sent him 50 more and he finally got back to me saying his prostate cancer was all gone.

So Bill and I sent it out to various people with prostate problems and prostate cancer. When we got word back they all said they felt better or that the problem was completely gone. (These are the ones that got back to me, and only because I begged them. Mostly people don’t get back to us unless they still need more.) I found out that most people who are feeling good won’t go back to a doctor so too often I have to take their word that they are OK.

So there you have MMS2. It is effective for many things and very effective for healing wounds and other skin problems. It aids MMS1 to kill most all so called incurable diseases and it may be as good as MMS1. It kills the pathogens and germs on a wound without doing damage to the broken tissues. Just empty a zero size capsule in a quarter glass of water and use that on the wound. Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, and all other disinfectants all do a certain amount of damage to the wound causing increased healing time to the damaged cells, but MMS2 kills the pathogens and does no damage and thus the healing is much faster. There is research about this wound healing factor on the Internet. You can look it up. I hesitate to say more because of copyrights.

I realize, of course, that much more research is needed and I should have done most of that research already, but as you know I have to plead lack of millions of dollars for that research until the Foundation is funded.  [ Click Here to visit the Foundation Site ] . I decided that I must release the information as the urgency became greater and greater in my own mind. I can’t afford, Earth can’t afford for me to wait any longer. As it is I have waited 9 months longer than I should, than safety for the data would allow.

Yesterday if the bad guys had taken me to prison or “horizontalized” me, chances are this data would never be known to Earth’s people. Now today as of this date this data is released on the Internet. The bad guys will never be able to totally suppress this information. It will always be somewhere and it will eventually become known. Shooting me won’t stop it. They might slow it down a lot, but never stop it.

And in keeping with my policy written in my MMS book at I cannot allow this data to be owned by any one individual or group. Like MMS1 it is too important for that. If owned by any one group there would always be those who are left out of the loop. Anyone or everyone can make up MMS2, use it, or sell it, or distribute it for free or whatever.

So this paper has the same copyright as my book exactly. Because of space I won’t quote it completely, but it makes this paper public domain in case of my death or incarceration.

MMS2 is in some ways like gravity. You know it works just by learning the information. Research is not needed to prove that. It’s like gravity and dropping an orange. You open your fingers and the orange drops towards the Earth. You don’t need research to prove it. You might drop an orange once or twice, but it’s obvious. Well MMS2 is the same way for many things.

Chemically it is obvious that hypochlorous acid can kill pathogens as that has already been proven. By the time you have finished studying the data it will be totally obvious what this acid can do. Many nay-sayers are going to find it a little bit more difficult to spread negative information about MMS2.

The negative blog writers, none of them, have any idea what they’re chattering about with MMS1. MMS2 will be a lot more available to everyone who chooses to experiment with it, and believe it or not, it is already available in most countries of Africa, all cities of the US, Canada, Europe, and around the world. It is so available that it couldn’t possibly be suppressed throughout the world.
There’s just one more point that I would like to make. I have been criticized quite often that I am not specific enough about my data, suggesting I should give details and furnish names and numbers and blood reports of those who have been cured. That would be nice if I could do that. But sorry, that isn’t possible. Do you see? I would be furnishing the evidence to put me in prison. Authorities in many countries would like to do that.

Wouldn’t it be nice for them if I would just say, here guys use this evidence to lock me up. Over the last 100 years more than 100 people have been put in prison and their books burned in the US alone, and some have been killed mysteriously – and many more than that throughout the world.

If you doubt this, just go to “FDA suppression” in Google. Several of my friends have spent time in prison in the US with their business, home, car, bank account, and property all confiscated and never returned in just the last few years. You think I am exaggerating? Well go on the Internet and look up the “Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000 HR1658” and then follow to the records of how much Assets were confiscated during for example one year 2006. More than 6 billion dollars of property were confiscated and auctioned off. More than 3 billion dollars were put into the government coffers as a result of the auctions for that one year.

Just this week it was published that the Federal Drug Administration has the right and the power to state that Mercury is harmless and there should be no concern about taking it into your body through vaccinations. (Dr. Mercola  [ Click Here to See it. ]

)  The Federal authorities can come and take your property and savings – everything you own and at any time. They don’t have to have a reason and there is nothing you can do to get it back. So I have fair reason to be paranoid. Sorry, about the paranoia. I’m publishing this announcement from within other countries.

Good luck in using MMS2. Don’t let the terrifying cautions on the pouch of Calcium Hypochlorite scare you away. I’ve tested it for years. If you voluntarily and privately prepare MMS2 as suggested here (in size zero capsules only), it’s both safe and beneficial – a chemical produced and needed by your own body in limited quantities. Be sure to drink ample water if you experiment with this discovery. I take it myself quite often as a maintenance-preventative strategy.

 [ Here ]  to purchase MMS2 capsules, shipping since Sept. 2009. This company ships anywhere in the world. Prices are on the web pages there. 

2. “Subtle EnergyTherapy” is in Canada at 780 634-8950 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              780 634-8950      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. They ship to the Americas primarily. Their web site for MMS1 and MMS2 is here:  [ ] . The email there is .

The disclaimer for this article is [ Here ]. These writings are educational and informative. They describe discoveries the author made and the actions of volunteers who assisted him. Readers are encouraged to consult medical professionals at medical and health clinics where valid client-patient relationships can be sustained. Statements herein about MMS1 and MMS2 have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. MMS is a well known mineral salt in distilled water. MMS1 and MMS2 are water purifiers. The information reported in this newsletter does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any medical condition, you must take personal responsibility if you privately experiment with MMS1 or MMS2. In fact you should consult a medical professional before using salts, minerals, foods, odors, hair colorings, skin enhancers, diet drinks, perfumes, iodine, snake bite kits, tooth paste, lotions, aspartame, alcohol, cigarettes, MSG laden soups, and products mentioned in this newsletter. Chlorine dioxide gas (produced in small quantities by MMS) is a water purifying agent used in many city water purification systems around the world. Competing drug store products are “Stabilized Oxygen” and “Vitamin O,” or other trade names packaged in various strengths. Sporting goods stores sell the same MMS mineral salt (Sodium Chlorite) in the form of water purification tablets used by campers and hunters.

 The “Terms of Use Statement” is  [ Here ] .        The “Privacy Statement” is  [ Here ] .

This MMS article is under Copyright © 2009, Institute for Advanced MMS Studies, LLC.
You may use and publish this information provided you acknowledge that it was written and researched to this point by Jim Humble with the exception of the information concerning help with healing of wounds. That data can be recovered from the internet.

See also the MMS newsletter 006 at  [ ].
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This announcement is primarily to get the information on the record and out to thousands of people around the world. I can’t suggest that you follow and do what I have done. It’s the information that’s valuable – a key to reducing and reversing illnesses. Thoughtful people will experiment and awaken to what is possible with this widely available Miracle Mineral Solution Number Two.

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Jim Humble Somewhere in Africa

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Jul 092010

Harry Weldon Diehl


Harry W. Diehl, Ph.D was born in 1910 in Harrisonburg, VA. He was considered by many as one of the most brilliant natural talents in modern medical chemistry. An award winning researcher, Diehl developed over 500 new compounds, several of which were patented by the U.S. Patent Office. Diehl was recognized in 1958 for developing a new method of preparing 2-deoxy-d-ribose, a sugar found in deoxyribonucleic acid. This sugar is of vital importance to much basic research, and was used by Jonas Salk, M.D., as a culture medium to grow the Salk polio vaccine virus. Diehl’s process was published in Biochemical Preparations, one of the most authoritative journals on the subject.

However, it was his discovery of Cetyl Myristoleate and the extraordinary extent of his methods and the dedication he employed to create CM8, for which Mr. Diehl is best known.

For over 40 years of dedicated service to the US government, Dr. Diehl worked for the prestigious , National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the Laboratory of Chemistry of the National Institute of Arthritis, Metabolic, and Digestive Diseases located in Bethesda, Maryland. In 1964, at the age of 40, Mr. Diehl became concernerned about a neighbor’s pain and disability from rheumatoid arthritis. His condition deteriorated over time until he became disabled. The neighbor had a family to support, but his arthritis made that impossible. Diehl was a deeply religious man whose feelings overwhelmed him as his friend’s condition worsened. Harry thought, “Here I am working for the US Government at the National Institutes of Health, and I have never seen anything that was good for curing arthritis.” He decided to take the initiative to establish a laboratory in his home to immerse himself and embark on a search for something to relieve the pain and disability of his neighbor and the millions of people who suffer from arthritis.

As a researcher, Diehl knew that finding a cure for arthritis first meant inducing the disease experimentally in research animals. He started with mice, and quickly realized that he was unable to induce arthritis in them. Diehl said he tried every way he could to give those mice arthritis, but they just would not get it. Then, he contacted a fellow researcher in California who wrote to him, “If you or anyone else can give mice arthritis, I want to know about it, because mice are 100% immune to arthritis.” At that moment, Diehl’s research instincts told him that what he wanted was already somewhere in those mice.

Utilizing thin layer chromatography of methylene chloride extract from macerated mice, Diehl noticed a mysterious compound. It was a long, tedious job, working on his own in his spare time, but Diehl finally found, isolated, and identified the extract. It was cetyl myristoleate – and it protected mice from arthritis. Now having isolated the compound, Mr. Diehl went about molecular recreation of it. This meant that rather than destroying mice to get a quantity of this amazing molecule, Harryhad learned to make it in the laboratory. Cetyl Myristoleate could be made synthetically by chemically combining cetyl alcohol, with myristollic acid and he found that this synthesized form of Cetyl Myristoleate was just as effective in providing rats immunity to adjuvant-induced arthritis as the naturally occurring form (extracted from mice).

To test his theory that mice are immune to arthritis because of cetyl myristoleate, Diehl began to experiment on laboratory rats. The next step was to use the substance to prevent arthritis in other animals. Harry injected it into two groups of rats that he knew developed arthritis when injected with Freund’s adjuvant. He was pleased to find that the group of rats also injected with cetyl myristoleate remained arthritis-free, and grew an average of 5.7 times as much as the control group that was not given the cetyl myristoleate, and which had in fact developed arthritis. This research was reported in an article written in conjunction with one of his colleagues at NIH in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. In summary, this paper reports that ten normal mice were injected in the tail with arthritis-inducing Freund’s Adjuvant (heat-killed desiccated Mycobacterium butyricum) to which rats and certain other rodents are susceptible.

Diehl’s research findings on cetyl myristoleate were published in the March 1994 issue of the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, the prestigious peer review journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association and the American Chemical Society (VOL 83, #3, March 1994, pages 296-299). Mr. Diehl subsequently received three U.S. Patents for “use” on cetyl myristoleate, the first in 1977 on cetyl myristoleate, the second in 1978 for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and then in 1996 for the treatment on osteo-arthritis. After receiving his first “use” patent, Mr. Diehl immediately approached the pharmaceutical industry with his amazing discovery. Unfortunately, none of the pharmaceutical companies were interested in his discovery, probably because cetyl myristoleate was a natural substance and therefore could not be granted a “product” patent, which meant that there would not be any exclusivity and the drug firms couldn’t make billions of dollars. Being a scientist and not a marketing person, Mr. Diehl knew of no other way to bring Cetyl Myristoleate to the public, and consequently his discovery sat on the shelf collecting dust until 1991 when he, himself, started developing arthritis.

As Diehl got older, he began to experience some osteoarthritis in his hands, knees, and the heels of his feet. His family physician tried the usual regimen of cortisone and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs without much effect on the course of the disease. Finally his physician told Harry he could not have any more cortisone. “So,” Diehl said, “I thought about my discovery, and I decided to make a batch and use it on myself. ” He did, and his symptoms of osteo-arthritis disappeared. Many of his family members and friends became aware of the relief Diehl got from his discovery, and they wanted to try it, too. Before long, family members and friends grew into customers, and cetyl myristoleate appeared on the market as a dietary supplement in 1991. Since then two clinical studies have been performed on over 500 patients with various forms of arthritis, which confirm the success of CM8 for the treatment of arthritis.

The chemical formula for cetyl myristoleate is (Z)-ROCO(CH2)7CH =CH(CH2)3CH3.Cetyl myristoleate was unrecorded in chemical literature until Diehl’s discovery was reported.To this day, the current Merck Index of Chemicals does not even list cetyl myristoleate.

Harry Weldon Diehl died after a short illness in Charlottesville, Virginia on December 22, 1999 at the age of 89. In life, Harry Diehl was a tower of strength.


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May 302010


John W. Travis, M.D., M.P.H., became one of the leading figures in the wellness movement when he opened the world’s first wellness center, the Wellness Resource Center, in Mill Valley, California in 1975. His televised interview by Dan Rather on 60 Minutes in 1979 made him a national figure and was one of many appearances in national media.

He earned his BA from The College of Wooster, followed by a medical degree from Tufts University in 1969. He then spent six years in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) where he helped develop one of the first computerized health risk appraisal instruments (HRA). During his service in the USPHS, he completed a residency in preventive medicine at Johns Hopkins University, which included a Masters in Public Health degree awarded in 1973.

Influenced by Halbert L. Dunn’s 1961 book, High-Level Wellness, he founded the Wellness Resource Center in 1975, believed to be the first wellness center in the US. That same year, he developed the first wellness assessment, the Wellness Inventory, which utilized a whole-person model based on the 12 dimensions of his Wellness Energy System. Dr. Travis wrote The Wellness Workbook, which he first self-published in 1977, and then published in an expanded edition in collaboration with Regina Ryan in 1979 as a trade paperback (Ten Speed Press, 1981, 1988). It was revised and republished in 2004 by Celestial Arts.

In 1979, after achieving national renown, he closed the Wellness Resource Center and established Wellness Associates, a non-profit educational corporation dedicated to transforming the medical culture from its physician-centered focus into a partnership between healers and those seeking health. More recently, its mission has been redefined and broadened to the transformation of the entire culture from its current focus on authoritarianism/domination into one of partnership/cooperation and is supported by its website,

Dr. Travis’ Wellness Inventory is now available online as part of an integrated wellness program ( developed by Healthworld Online ( The online Wellness Inventory program is widely used as the foundation for wellness programs in both corporate and healthcare environments and by wellness coaches.

Since 2008 he has been an adjunct professor in the Master of Wellness Program at RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

Since 1991 Dr. Travis and his wife, Meryn Callander, have focused their efforts on attachment parenting, connection parenting, and infant wellness. In 1999 he co-founded the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children (, which has a mission of fostering individual and planetary wellness through changing how babies are born and treated in their early years. In 2000 he and Meryn, along with their daughter, Siena, moved to Meryn’s homeland of Australia where they continue their work in both adult and infant wellness, and along with global, cultural and environmental issues, they have integrated these aspects of wellness with the term “full-spectrum wellness.”